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Office 365 and SlideShark – PowerPoint on the iPad keeps Getting Better!

For years, SlideShark has been the mobile presenter’s best friend, providing an optimal experience to present and share PowerPoints from iOS devices and even track audience viewing behavior.

Now with the PowerPoint for iPad app for Microsoft Office 365, users can create, edit and view PowerPoints on their iPads, and then take advantage of SlideShark’s unique presentation management features to confidently and professionally deliver killer presentations from those same devices! Here’s how.

Start with PowerPoint. Close with SlideShark.


Develop your PowerPoint slide decks on your computer, or use your Office 365 subscription to create and edit PowerPoints right from your iPad or iPhone.

All of your content is stored in OneDrive, where you can edit and collaborate with others in real-time!


Upload your slides to SlideShark to more effectively engage audiences from your iPad or iPhone with features such as:

Uploading to SlideShark is a breeze.

SlideShark provides direct integration with OneDrive as well as six other cloud storage providers including Dropbox and Box!


Use SlideShark Team Edition to manage your presentations securely in the cloud.

Add, delete or update users and presentations as needed to ensure EVERYONE is presenting and sharing the most up-to-date, approved content.

Administration is easy with SlideShark.

No onerous implementations or IT headaches required – just a few clicks and you’re ready to go!


With SlideShark Anywhere, team members can access and present content not only accessible from iOS devices, but computers and Windows 8 tablets too!

SlideShark presentations leave a lasting impression,

enabling you to easily share your PowerPoint slides from any device you use.


The best part about closing with SlideShark? Knowing exactly when and how to follow-up!

With SlideShark’s analytics, reps know exactly which prospects are most engaged and when it’s best to follow-up. Managers can see which team members are using which content to ensure compliance.

What else can SlideShark do for you?

The value of SlideShark doesn’t stop here! For more information on all-things SlideShark, get in touch!

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