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SlideShark Anywhere:
Present & Broadcast from a Computer

As a presenter, it's important to have the option of presenting from either your mobile device or your computer. Having SlideShark's unique PowerPoint content management and analytics capabilities on your PC—in addition to your iPad or iPhone—extends the value for sales teams and others who often rely on multiple devices.

With SlideShark Anywhere, a unique feature of SlideShark Team Edition, team members can access approved PowerPoints and present and broadcast directly from their PC/Mac computers or Windows 8 tablets through an intuitive web-based interface. SlideShark Anywhere allows users—such as inside sales reps—to easily navigate their slides and, when used in conjunction with Broadcasting, see their speaker notes and thumbnails of upcoming slides while presenting to remote participants. Slides can also be advanced with a standard USB or Bluetooth computer remote clicker. It can also be used to present in full screen—with all animations, graphics and fonts intact—to audience members in the room. And because the content is securely distributed via Team Edition, marketing or management can track what's presented.

Overview - Presenting from the PC or Mac

SlideShark Anywhere is accessible directly from your content catalog.
Features include:

Supported Browsers:

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Availability - Presenting & Broadcasting Slides via Browser

SlideShark Anywhere is available to SlideShark Team Edition users

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Customer Testimonial

Learn how the Nine Network uses SlideShark Team Edition to maximize the performance of their sales team.

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