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“Can you send me those slides?” It's one of the most common questions heard following a live presentation. But while sending PowerPoint decks to potential customers can be simple (unless the file size is very large), you may not want or be permitted to send the actual files. And wouldn't you like to know if they actually took the time to look at the slides?

Now you can! With SlideShark you can share a link to the online version of your slides, and your audience can view them on-demand—at their convenience—from any device. And you can receive detailed viewing reports by email that make it easy to track who viewed your slides, which slides were viewed, when and for how long, enabling you to identify the most interested audiences for more targeted, timely follow-up activity.

SlideShark tracking also details all of the content you've presented during a Broadcast session—including the length of time and order of slides shown, and a list of the remote viewers in attendance. So you can prioritize follow up with attendees who were present for more or less of your presentation.

Overview - Tracking Views of Shared Slides

SlideShark provides easy-to-use dashboards to monitor viewing details at a glance. Users can filter data to show only those presentations that have been shared, and even track when a shared presentation is viewed. Detailed viewing history includes information such as:

Availability - Sharing and Tracking Slides

SlideShark sharing is available to all SlideShark users.
Tracking and analytics is available to SlideShark Pro and Team Edition users.

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