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Presenter Mode - Project from an iPad

Presenters spend a lot of time preparing their PowerPoint slides with the right content and visuals. So when it comes to actually speaking to your audience on the big day, why wing it?

With Presenter Mode in SlideShark, you can view and present your PowerPoint content along with your slide notes – right on your iPad! You don't have to worry about forgetting key points during live presentations. With Presenter Mode, all of your slide notes are right in front of you, for only you to see.

Furthermore, content and slide notes for SlideShark Team Edition presentations cannot be changed without proper authorization, so team members deliver the same, consistent message.

Overview - Better Presenting when Projecting

Presenter Mode provides a unique layout that gives you more control over your content when preparing for and presenting to live audiences. Features include:

Best of all, Presenter Mode is only visible on your iPad, so those viewing from a TV, projector or over the web won't be able to see your notes, timers or upcoming slides. Perfect!

Availability - Projecting PowerPoint from an iPad

SlideShark Presenter Mode is available to all SlideShark users, and is supported on all iPad devices from the second generation and later.

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