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Broadcasting - Present Online

As a presenter you deal with all sorts of contingencies and surprises. Here's a common one—you're about to start your presentation when you're informed that some audience members are joining remotely on the phone.

With SlideShark's Broadcasting feature, you can include this audience and get back on track quickly by using the app to show your slides over the Web to remote attendees. When they join your meeting—from any device—they'll see your slides, animation and navigation in real time, and can follow along. Attendees in the room can even do the same to better engage them too!

Overview - Show PowerPoint Online from your iPad

Broadcasting lets you present your slides from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC/Mac or Windows 8 tablet to remote and in-person attendees via a Web link. Every registered SlideShark user has a personal Broadcast URL (, and you can set a specific security code for each meeting to control access.

Because your slides can be seen over the Web, your attendees can join your meeting from any Internet-connected device: smartphones, PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets.

How it works

Simply tap the Broadcasting icon in the app on your iOS device or click the "Present/Broadcast" link when using SlideShark Anywhere and enter your meeting information:

Invite your guests by tapping the envelope icon on the meeting screen and a pre-filled email will pop up (it will automatically include your personal URL). The email will be sent using your device's email client so you can pull from existing contacts and distribution lists.

You can also distribute your personal URL (which doesn't change) in advance of the meeting. Or just have your guests click the "Join a Broadcast" button on the home page and enter your username! When your guests arrive, they'll fill out a guestbook with their name, email address and security code (if required). These details will appear in your broadcast activity report sent to you after the meeting.

When you're ready to broadcast, tap Start Broadcasting, and your attendees will be able to see any presentation you play. The attendees can follow along with your live broadcast—on any device—but they'll only see your slides, not your catalog, notes, slide thumbnails, or any other part of the SlideShark app. You'll be alerted of their entrance and exit. And you'll see the attendee count adjacent to the broadcast icon on the nav bar.

End the meeting by tapping Stop Broadcasting. Your attendees will no longer be able to see your presentation. After the meeting concludes, check your inbox for the broadcast report, which details all of the content you've presented, the length of time and order of the slides shown, and a list of the attendees. This is a valuable resource to use for more effective follow-up.

Availability - Broadcasting Slides Over the Web

The SlideShark Broadcasting feature is a premium feature available in SlideShark Team Edition and SlideShark PRO.

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