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Annotation - Draw On & Highlight Your PowerPoint

No matter how much work goes into preparing your slides, there are times when presenters still need to take additional measures to get their messages across. SlideShark's Annotations feature allows you to do just that by visually emphasizing key points during your presentation.

With SlideShark Annotations, you can easily highlight specific parts of your PowerPoint content on the fly, drawing your audience's attention to important information whenever the need arises. To make your presentation more interactive, you can ask for feedback from your meeting participants and incorporate it live with freeform shapes or text. You can even include a blank slide in your deck to use as a digital whiteboard for you to annotate at will.

Overview - Drawing & Highlighting Tools

The Annotations feature gives presenters the ability to draw on and highlight slides in real time, straight from their iPads or iPhones. It works on any iOS device in full-screen mode and works in Presenter Mode on an iPad too. Audiences can see your annotations live, even when broadcasting over the Web to remote attendees.

There is a pen and highlighter tool, each with six different colors and four thicknesses to choose from, giving you the flexibility to draw various shapes and messages or simply highlight existing slide content. You can also erase your annotations, or save them to use again in the future.

Availability - Annotations

The Annotations feature is available to all SlideShark users on all supported devices.

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