SlideShark Help: Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forgot my password?

How do I upload a presentation using SlideShark?

I cannot upload my file from my iPad/iPhone into SlideShark…What should I do?

How do I play a presentation?

How do I mark up my slides during a SlideShark presentation?

How do I access my slide notes?

How do I use my iPhone/iPod Touch as a remote control?

How do I stop my iPhone from vibrating when I advance slides using the remote feature?

How do I broadcast a presentation to remote attendees?

How can I project my SlideShark presentation?

Why can't I hear audio in my SlideShark presentation?

Can I add videos to my SlideShark presentations?

How do I change my email account for SlideShark?

What versions of SlideShark are available?

Team Administration (SlideShark Team Edition only)

What PowerPoint features are not supported by SlideShark?

What other features are coming soon for SlideShark?

Who is "Brainshark"?